Saturday, January 10, 2009


Parvas (78')

In this story I am not going to tell everything. Besides, there isn’t any story, really, just a series of ordinary events,of chance happenings in a family that resides in Chora of Amorgos. I will keep to a certain line, a certain order of events, a certain way in which one event succeeds another during the months that I was filming Dimitri Yiannakos, his wife Flora and their daughters. Dimitri and Flora have three daughters. Dina, that lives in Amorgos with them and her family. Rinio that lives in Naxos with her family and Maria that lives in Piraeus with her husband Dimitri who often comes to Amorgos to help. My own opinions will not intrude upon the line of the story, even though they are at the forefront of the events described.

Direction-Cinematography-Sound-Producer:Gerasimos Rigas

 Editing:Yorgos Triantafyllou Music:Nikos Kypourgos

 Production:Gerasimos Rigas T. +30 210 7291860

 Co-production: SKAI TV, Greece Betacam SP B&W 78’ Gerasimos Rigas Greece 2008.

 Filmography: 2003 A journey to Cyprus 2006 Habits 2008 Parvas

 World Sales: Gerasimos Rigas T. +30 210 7291860,

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